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About Us

GEEK NOOK is run by the people behind the creative agency Freehive. It combines our passion for technology, open source, and beautiful things. It's also a place where we can draw gnomes, robots, and unicorns like when we were kids and tell our moms it wasn't a waste of our talent after all! Speaking of moms, one of our moms actually runs GEEK NOOK Crafts (affiliated, but independently operated). She's never doubted whether gnome-drawing skills were a sign of future success (they are).

We do things a little different here:

  • We're not cashing in on your soul behind your back. In other words, we're not compromising your privacy to Google and Facebook with onsite tracking in order to advertise on their platforms more affordably. Learn more about our Ethical Marketing Pledge.
  • Not everything on the site makes money. We feel really passionately about paying forward the opportunities given us through free and open source software. Some items (more to come) are sold with all profits going to people who make open source software and help others learn how to use it.

We don't have a phone number on the site because all of that talk in the beginning about this being a career, well... not a full-time career--yet. We'll of course respond promptly to your questions or concerns. It just means we're probably designing more respectable stuff for regular boring people while dreaming of GEEK NOOK being all we do all day, which leads to the last part.

Thank you for being here. We hope our creations bring a little joy to your life. Each purchase you make, which enables us to make spectacularly weird things, brings joy to our lives too. Feel free to share your feedback with us anytime and let us know how we're doing.